Innovating through discovery

Our mission at Clever Synapse is to be your strategic partner in design, prototyping, and programming. Our focus is always on your needs, and we pride ourselves on delivering insightful and creative designs/products that meet those needs.


We are imaginative and innovative, always looking for new and unique ways to approach our work and deliver solutions that set our clients apart.

image of laser engraver cutting swirly pattern on wood


We are cooperative, communicative, and supportive, working closely with our clients and each other to ensure the success of our projects and build strong, long-term relationships.

image of large scale colorful prints on gallery


Our team of technical experts bring years of experience and cutting- edge knowledge to the table. We'll work with you to develop a technical solution that meets your objectives.

image of 3d printer printing an intricate shape
image of custom 3d part printed in orange plastic held together with metal screws

You imagine it,
we deliver it to you

We thrive on turning your visions into tangible results, your imagination fuels our passion to bring your projects to fruition.

Let's collaborate and make your dreams a reality, together.